Universal dialog scipt

This script allows you to make a dialogue consisting of many pages
1 to 4 custom answers for pages, 3 of which can forward to any other page, the 4th always answers
out of the dialogue.

Price: 1.49$

Holographic HUD

HUD stylized in Sci-Fi style.

Price: 4.99$

Simple inventory system

This system will allow you to add inventory to your project that holds up to 24 objects of various types at the same time. And also create your own objects, with customizable effects. Inventory can save items between levels, and it also works with a standard system for saving and loading.

Price: 2.49$

Inventory system PRO

This system allows you to add inventory with an easily customizable look to your project. The inventory may contain an unlimited (you yourself can limit) the number of custom items, and also has a weapon equipment system from it.
Inventory works with a standard system for saving and loading, and also has the ability to transfer items between levels.

Price: 5.99$

Gas mask effect Pack

A pack of scripts that allow you to create the effect of wearing a gas mask in your games.

Price: 3.99$

Gas mask effect Pack

Advanced inventory system

The Advanced Inventory System is a scripting system that allows you to use an inventory in your projects, with unlimited customizable items, storing items between levels and controlled with the mouse.

Price: 4.99$

Skill tree

This script allows you to create a tree with three independent branches of custom skills. 
Skills can be active and passive, as well as have consistent access or be available for learning at all times. 

Price: 3.99$

Advanced dialog script


Advanced dialog script - a script that allows you to create a multi-page branched dialog with the ability to customize the appearance and control from the keyboard or mouse.

Price: 7.49$

Simple task list

A simple task list script allows you to create simple tasks, display them, and, using statuses, track their progress. The script has two sublists: "In progress" and "Completed". Tasks are assigned to sublists depending on their status. You can change the assignment of sublists by changing the list of statuses belonging to them.

Price: 2.99$